Sunday, May 11, 2008

set it straight

thursday was a great night. first there was the COLISEUM show at MAVERICK'S. unfortunately, i missed BASTARDATOR but here's what went down...

METZ played a great set despite the technical problems with alex's guitar. all the songs they played sounded amazing and i can't wait for them to record and come back to play here again.

VICTIMS were next and they were pretty good. i'm not really familiar with this band but they were pretty great. i found some songs really stuck out as being better than other but all in all it was a good set.

COLISEUM played last and i think that might have been the best set i ever seen. they seemed way more energetic on stage than ever and just destroyed every song they played. they mostly played songs off of their newest record but threw in a couple older ones.

afterwards, a lot of people from the show headed down to ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY. dj SCOTT from SKA/SOUL/ROCK N' ROLL had everyone dancing and a lot of stragglers from upstairs were wandering in to see what all the fuss was about. it was insanely busy and we appreciate it everyone putting up with the long waits at the bar. a couple of OTTAWA'S FINEST even showed up at some point to survey the scene. there should be enough staff on next thursday especially since it's going to be another rager. GUNSMOKE, THE ARKHAMS and the infamous HOBO will be rocking the pizza party so get ready for some insanity.

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thegagaman said...


picture number 3 made me fast forward to a date years into the future...where my man STEVE A is still destroying bass guitars!!!