Sunday, May 11, 2008

shake real low

the MARK SULTAN/BBQ show last night was absolutely amazing! i've been looking forward to this show for months and it was definitely not a disappointment. it actually exceded my expectations. thanks to everyone who came out and a huge thanks to THE VISITORS and THE FELINES for opening the show. THE VISITORS sounded awesome and got an amazing response. it was great to see tons of people showing up early to watch local bands play. THE FELINES killed it too. a good mix of originals and cover songs to keep everybody going. MARK SULTAN was great and got the crowd singing and clapping along and dancing up a storm. he played a bunch of songs from his new record SULTANIC VERSES and a bunch from his earlier records with barely any breaks in between and kept the energy going during the entire set. it was a great show. people stuck around and danced while i was spinning 45's which ruled. unfortunately i don't have any pictures of the night but it's not that unfortunate because i was too busy having fun.

that show was the first of a monthly night that will be going down at babylon. it's going to be the second saturday of every month and it's going to be a mix of bands and dj's and it'll always be a good time.

don't forget about THE NYMPHETS and THE WHITE WIRES show on monday at THE MANX. it's a FREE SHOW with two incredible bands so there's absolutely no reason not to go.

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Anonymous said...

YAY!!!! I had *sooooo* much fun on Saturday!
holy crap!
thanks putting on such a great show!!