Thursday, May 15, 2008

les claypool's grandfather


GUNSMOKE, THE ARKHAMS & HOBO! it's a free show but we will be asking for donations to get some money for THE ARKHAMS who are from NYC and are on tour. this show is going to be packed so make sure to come out early.

LORDS had some problems with their booking agent for their canadian tour that just happened a couple of weeks ago. CHRIS OWENS, the singer/guitar player wrote a very detailed account of the debacle. it's a very entertaining read.

here are some excerpts:

-"When we first get to the club there is this 1000 piece "Neil Pert" drum kit set up with some ridiculous home made rack and no bottom heads on any of the 58 toms...and as we're loading in we're approached by some dude in a fishing hat who looks like Les Claypools grandfather
and he explains to us that that's his kit and his cover band normally "jams" there every Monday night and that no one told him about our show."

-" first I try to use reason and explain to him
that this show was booked for LORDS because we are on tour...and that they are the local the majority of the money should go to would happen if they were on tour and I booked a show for them in Louisville. Unfortunately, as is often the case with Christians, low income republicans and emo girly-boys, logic and reason did not prevail and this dude decides to be a dick about it."

"...told him about the low opinion of Robbie that had been expressed to us by every promoter and band we know whose dealt with him. He was pretty bummed and walked out with his head hung...add the sad charlie brown theme and it would have been a scene from Arrested

read the whole thing HERE.

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