Wednesday, May 14, 2008


THE NYMPHETS show at THE MANX on monday night ruled. it was my first time seeing a band play down there and it was a great change of scenery. a lot of people came out to see them and THE WHITE WIRES who played a set which consisted of mostly new songs which were as catchy as you would expect them to be.

THE NYMPHETS tore through a dozen songs or so which included a COCK SPARRER cover and ended it all of with a BAD BRAINS cover which was a great capper. the fact that they cover OI! bands like COCK SPARRER and SHAM 69 put their brand of poppy punk rock songs in a different context which i think is pretty cool. they had an amazing time and were really happy with how the show went so hopefully they'll be back in the fall. they have a self-titled cd out as well as their new FEELS LIKE MOTHERFUCKERS 7" that just came out on montreal's PSYCHIC HANDSHAKE records.

thanks to PIERRE for the photos. check out his website. dude's got a blog too.

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pierre also updates us lame-wads about all things artsy at the awesome