Thursday, May 29, 2008


you should probably pick up the new issue of RAZORCAKE zine. it features an interview done by DAVE WILLIAMS of SEDATIVES/THE FUCKING MACHINES with sudbury's STATUES who are one of the best punk rock bands going today. great zine, great band, great dude. it's dave's first published contribution to the zine other than record reviews which is awesome. definitely check it out. STATUES should be coming to ottawa in august so if you aren't already into them you should get on board a.s.a.p.

speaking of zines, tonight's ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY was hopefully going to be the release party for the fourth issue of STANDARD ISSUE but that's getting pushed back until next week. nevertheless BEN & DAVEY will still be guest DJ-ing tonight so come out and check that out and swing by again next week to pick up your copy and if you're lucky you'll get an awesome STANDARD ISSUE pin. this issue should be pretty amazing. it's going to have interviews with THE VISITORS, HOLY COBRAS & THE SUPPOSITORIES as well as the regular news, views and reviews. check it.

Monday, May 26, 2008

cut me some slack...

i've been kind of slackin' lately. i keep forgetting to bring my camera when i go to shows so i don't really have any pictures of all the cool things that went down recently.

(photo by andrew carver)

thursday night was completely bananas. THE ANNOYERS started the night out with they're RAMONES/QUEERS worship punk rock. they were pretty great despite some little guitar issues. THE FUCKING MACHINES made their triumphant return and nobody was let down. the new line-up is working really well together and they sounded better than ever. throw in a cover of SIX PACK and it's bound to get crazy. thanks a lot to the bands for playing and to everyone who came out.

saturday night was awesome too. it all started with MOTHER'S CHILDREN first show. featuring 2 dudes from SICK FITS and 2 dudes from the MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS these guys bring in influences from the 60's to the early 80's. their duel attack of acoustic and electric guitars and some really great bass-lines and some seriously solid drumming creates catchy power pop that makes you want to dance. you'll get a good idea of what they sound like when i tell you that they covered THE BOYS and THE KINKS.

was up next and it was only their second show. they ripped it up in their trashy garage punk style. they are playing very early on the saturday day show of GAGA FEST so make sure you show up early to catch them. you won't be disappointed.

THE SUPPOSITORIES were next and it was by far the best set i've seen by them. the sound for them was incredibly good and they were super tight. i was really into it and i'm looking forward to seeing them again in a couple of weeks.

ended the night off with a bang. smoke filled the room. people got a little crazy. it was a lot of fun. their new songs rip so hard it's ridiculous. they are way more intense and way faster with a late 70's/early 80's "post-punk" feel to them. they played a lot of their old songs too and people were loving it.

there was a pretty good turn out for this show which was cool since it was an all local show. thanks a lot to todd for booking it. all of these bands and so many more are playing the GAGA WEEKEND which is going to be pure insanity.


word has it that A&A SPEED SHOP may not be doing shows anymore. apparently some kids got wasted and knocked the fence in the backyard down into their neighbors yard. smart move. when i heard about this i got pretty bummed out. hopefully some shows will still go on there eventually. i don't know the details but it's pretty messed up that it happened and it's unfortunate if no one did or said anything to stop it.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"does that look like we're selling out, bro?"

henry rollins not responding well to a smart ass kid asking generic questions. bill stevenson's small contribution is amazing.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

the gaga weekend

THE GAGA WEEKEND is going to ruin your life in a good way. it's IAN of GOING GAGA ZINE/RECORDS brain child and it's been months of planning that are finally solidified.

here's the run down...



SEDATIVES (7" release show)
URANIUM COMEBACK (new band featuring members of other bands. come early to find out who's involved)



7 pm. $5. BYOB.
DAY SHOW at THE NEW BAYOU (1077 bank street)


1pm. $6. AA/19+
NIGHT SHOW at BABYLON (317 bank street)



10 pm. $6. 19+

IAN put in a lot of work and running around into this and it's going to be absolutely amazing. you can see 4 shows with 20 bands and hear a bunch of cool records being played for a whopping total of 17 dollars. it's going to be absolutely insane.

what's going on?

ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY on thursday was amazing. thanks to everyone who came out and an extra thanks to those who gave a little bit of money to THE ARKHAMS who came all the way from NYC for the show. i didn't really know anything about HOBO but i thought they were really great instrumental surf/garage. even my parents liked it. i thought THE ARKHAMS were great and GUNSMOKE killed it as usual.

this weekend was a much deserved rest from all the great shows that have been going on but ottawa insanity starts up again this week!


on thursday THE FUCKING MACHINES make their triumphant return with their new line-up at ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY. they're playing with THE ANNOYERS which features KEVO POLO of THE VISITORS hitting the skins and eating hawaiian pizza. if you're into THE RAMONES and THE QUEERS, you'll be into this. 10 pm. FREE.

friday night is the opening of MCNABB SKATEPARK. it's from 5 to 9 pm and it's FREE so come and thrash if you're POSSESSED TO SKATE!!!! i'll be providing tunes to thrash by. afterwards head down the street to the CRITICAL CONVICTIONS cassette release party with CASTEVETS from montreal, THE VANISHING ACT and THE DIRTY NUNS. this is going down at A & A SPEED SHOP at 7pm for a mere $5. so go and pick up the CRITICAL CONVICTIONS tape!!!

after you're done garage sale-ing in the glebe on saturday head on down to SOUNDS UNLIKELY to check out THE DEAD SCIENCE and KINGDOM SHORE. i don't know anything about THE DEAD SCIENCE but KINGDOM SHORE features MARK MOLNAR who is the man behind all the string arrangements on the BURIED INSIDE records. he may play the cello but it's definitely not mellow. it's at 7:30 pm and costs $8.

you can also go to CAFE DEKCUF to see HOLY COBRAS, THE SUPPOSITORIES, SAVAGE CRIMES and the great unveiling of MOTHER'S CHILDREN which is the new band featuring members of SICK FITS and MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS. don't forget to pick up your copy of the HOLY COBRAS cassette if you haven't done that already. 9 pm. $5. 19+.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

les claypool's grandfather


GUNSMOKE, THE ARKHAMS & HOBO! it's a free show but we will be asking for donations to get some money for THE ARKHAMS who are from NYC and are on tour. this show is going to be packed so make sure to come out early.

LORDS had some problems with their booking agent for their canadian tour that just happened a couple of weeks ago. CHRIS OWENS, the singer/guitar player wrote a very detailed account of the debacle. it's a very entertaining read.

here are some excerpts:

-"When we first get to the club there is this 1000 piece "Neil Pert" drum kit set up with some ridiculous home made rack and no bottom heads on any of the 58 toms...and as we're loading in we're approached by some dude in a fishing hat who looks like Les Claypools grandfather
and he explains to us that that's his kit and his cover band normally "jams" there every Monday night and that no one told him about our show."

-" first I try to use reason and explain to him
that this show was booked for LORDS because we are on tour...and that they are the local the majority of the money should go to would happen if they were on tour and I booked a show for them in Louisville. Unfortunately, as is often the case with Christians, low income republicans and emo girly-boys, logic and reason did not prevail and this dude decides to be a dick about it."

"...told him about the low opinion of Robbie that had been expressed to us by every promoter and band we know whose dealt with him. He was pretty bummed and walked out with his head hung...add the sad charlie brown theme and it would have been a scene from Arrested

read the whole thing HERE.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


THE NYMPHETS show at THE MANX on monday night ruled. it was my first time seeing a band play down there and it was a great change of scenery. a lot of people came out to see them and THE WHITE WIRES who played a set which consisted of mostly new songs which were as catchy as you would expect them to be.

THE NYMPHETS tore through a dozen songs or so which included a COCK SPARRER cover and ended it all of with a BAD BRAINS cover which was a great capper. the fact that they cover OI! bands like COCK SPARRER and SHAM 69 put their brand of poppy punk rock songs in a different context which i think is pretty cool. they had an amazing time and were really happy with how the show went so hopefully they'll be back in the fall. they have a self-titled cd out as well as their new FEELS LIKE MOTHERFUCKERS 7" that just came out on montreal's PSYCHIC HANDSHAKE records.

thanks to PIERRE for the photos. check out his website. dude's got a blog too.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

shake real low

the MARK SULTAN/BBQ show last night was absolutely amazing! i've been looking forward to this show for months and it was definitely not a disappointment. it actually exceded my expectations. thanks to everyone who came out and a huge thanks to THE VISITORS and THE FELINES for opening the show. THE VISITORS sounded awesome and got an amazing response. it was great to see tons of people showing up early to watch local bands play. THE FELINES killed it too. a good mix of originals and cover songs to keep everybody going. MARK SULTAN was great and got the crowd singing and clapping along and dancing up a storm. he played a bunch of songs from his new record SULTANIC VERSES and a bunch from his earlier records with barely any breaks in between and kept the energy going during the entire set. it was a great show. people stuck around and danced while i was spinning 45's which ruled. unfortunately i don't have any pictures of the night but it's not that unfortunate because i was too busy having fun.

that show was the first of a monthly night that will be going down at babylon. it's going to be the second saturday of every month and it's going to be a mix of bands and dj's and it'll always be a good time.

don't forget about THE NYMPHETS and THE WHITE WIRES show on monday at THE MANX. it's a FREE SHOW with two incredible bands so there's absolutely no reason not to go.

set it straight

thursday was a great night. first there was the COLISEUM show at MAVERICK'S. unfortunately, i missed BASTARDATOR but here's what went down...

METZ played a great set despite the technical problems with alex's guitar. all the songs they played sounded amazing and i can't wait for them to record and come back to play here again.

VICTIMS were next and they were pretty good. i'm not really familiar with this band but they were pretty great. i found some songs really stuck out as being better than other but all in all it was a good set.

COLISEUM played last and i think that might have been the best set i ever seen. they seemed way more energetic on stage than ever and just destroyed every song they played. they mostly played songs off of their newest record but threw in a couple older ones.

afterwards, a lot of people from the show headed down to ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY. dj SCOTT from SKA/SOUL/ROCK N' ROLL had everyone dancing and a lot of stragglers from upstairs were wandering in to see what all the fuss was about. it was insanely busy and we appreciate it everyone putting up with the long waits at the bar. a couple of OTTAWA'S FINEST even showed up at some point to survey the scene. there should be enough staff on next thursday especially since it's going to be another rager. GUNSMOKE, THE ARKHAMS and the infamous HOBO will be rocking the pizza party so get ready for some insanity.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

born against vs sick of it all.


back in the early 90's members of BORN AGAINST and SICK OF IT ALL went onto a college radio show on WNYU in NYC to discuss big business in hardcore among other things. it degrades into a screaming match and threats of violence.

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

if you don't have time or patience or listen to the whole thing at least listen to parts 4 & 5 because that's where it really gets interesting.

here's a good BORN AGAINST webpage.


here's an article by andrew tweedy on COLISEUM from XPRESS magazine.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

a/v club

listen to CHUO 89.1 all day today and watch these videos too.

MARKED MEN "a little time" - super simple video. amazing song.

CLOROX GIRLS "don't take your life/this dimension" - this video may rival THRILLER.

HOT SNAKES "braintrust" - great band. great song. kind of a crappy video.

SONIC YOUTH "teenage riot" - great song. amazing video that uses tons of old footage - punk rock and other wise that really rules.

THE NILS "freedom" - such a great band. a song from their first e.p.

oh yeah, go outside at some point.

Monday, May 5, 2008

bored teenagers.

the CLOAK/DAGGER & LORDS show was a good time.

CLOAK/DAGGER were pretty good but i just find that their songs tend to start sounding pretty similar although the last two songs were great.

LORDS were insanely loud. the amount of amps that band uses is insane. they are definitely a tight band and just flew through their set destroying all in their way.

they played a lot of new stuff that was supposed to be out on JADE TREE in march but will not be coming out till sometime this summer on a different label.

this week has some pretty awesome shows going down.

on thursday the 8th, we've got louisville's COLISEUM coming back for the first time in almost a year, this time accompanied by VICTIMS who are d-beat masters from sweden and TRASH TALK. a lot of people are excited that METZ will be opening not only because they are originally from ottawa but because they're a really great band who hasn't played here in what seems like years. the show is at CAFE DEKCUF. 7pm. AA/19+. $10. FB.

on the same night, you can get your weekly dose of pizza and rock n' roll by heading down to the BYTOWN TAVERN and hanging out with the PIZZA CITY ROCKERS. dj SCOTT of SKA/SOUL/ROCK N' ROLL is going to be our guest dj this week. 10 pm. 19+. $0. FREE PIZZA!!! FB

vancouver's punk/hardcore legends D.O.A. are going to be wrecking the party at the DOMINION on FRIDAY. THE BELLA BOMBS and FOUR-STROKE are going to be opening. i think this show is almost sold out and if there are tickets left there are at END HITS. FB

MARK SULTAN a.k.a. BBQ is going to be bringing the rock n' roll alongside surf/garage goddesses THE FELINES and globe-trotting punk rockers THE VISITORS. he plays total 50's throwback rock with a modern twist that you just can't help but dance to. check out his songs CURSED WORLD and SOMETHING WRONG. there's going to be dj's spinning music all night during and after the show so come out ready to party! it's all going down on SATURDAY MAY 10th at BABYLON. 9 pm. 19+. $6 FB

here's a video for KING KHAN & BBQ's version of BBQ's song "WADDLIN' AROUND." the video is amazing and so is the song.

there's a FREE SHOW on monday at THE MANX. don't pass up the chance to go see THE NYMPHETS from montreal/brooklyn play upbeat catchy punk with an 80's british pop feel at times. check out their songs WEDNESDAY MORNING and I DON'T CARE and you'll get a good idea of what they sound like. you can hear more here. they will be perfectly matched by THE WHITE WIRES who i believe will be blessing us with some new songs! so yeah, show up around 9pm hang out and enjoy the show. you'll get way more than your money's worth.

Friday, May 2, 2008

cannot calm down

there are a few copies of the SEDATIVES 7" at BIRDMAN, END HITS & VERTIGO if anyone is interested in picking one up. get a hold of us if you want one. we're around. come to ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY and odds are i'll have records there. copies have also been donated to CHUO and CKCU so you might hear it on one of the many great shows on either of the stations.

thanks to JOSH for dj'ing at RRPP last night.

thanks to everyone who came out and had a good time. may is going to be pretty wild since we have another guest dj and two shows coming up in the next 3 weeks.