Friday, April 4, 2008

bogus basement

this flyer was drawn by ANDY who lives at A&A SPEEDSHOP. this show should be tons of fun. DEMON'S CLAWS are from montreal and are on IN THE RED records. TEENANGER are from toronto and boast most of ottawa's own QUEBEXICO. two of them are also the creators of the cassette-only TELEPHONE EXPLOSION records who have released cassettes by TEENANGER, HOLY COBRAS & UGLY STICK. they have plans for releases by DEMON'S CLAWS and THE NYMPHETS who are playing a FREE SHOW in ottawa on may 12th. THE SUPPOSITORIES are from ottawa. i'm really looking forward to seeing them tomorrow night. they sound like FLIPPER and URINALS, annoying punk rock basically. when i wrote about them earlier, i said that i want to see them play a basement because that's what their band is perfectly suited for so now i finally get that chance. 8 pm. 5 dollars. don't act like a loser and we've got no problems.

"ottawa is very fortunate to have people who allow shows to go on. there are many cities that don't have the luxury of house shows so we have to all do our part in making sure that the houses that do are treated with respect. not to preach but most of it comes down to common sense. don't trash the place. the people who live there are allowing you to come into their home to see bands. it's not an open invitation for you to make a mess and damage their property. don't hang out drinking out front and yelling in the street. all this does is piss the neighbors which in turn gets the police involved which means the show will get shut down and no more shows will be happening there anymore. the people who live there can easily do without the hassle of having almost a hundred people cramming into their house and making a mess and pissing off their neighbors so do everything you can to make it easy on them."

"GIRLY, GIRLY, GIRLY" is still on repeat. if it's not playing out of my speakers, it's playing in my head while i'm walking down the street. PUT OUT A RECORD!!!!

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