Wednesday, April 2, 2008

my head is spinning from the inside

THE WHITE WIRES just posted three songs on their myspace. the songs are "is everything square?", "your mother says you're ugly" and "girly, girly, girly". go check those out now!!!

i'm going to be listening to "girly, girly, girly" on repeat all day long. it's a bonafide hit!!!

check out GOING GAGA RECORDS. it's ian from SEDATIVES/THE WHITE WIRES new label. the first release is a SEDATIVES 7" which will hopefully be coming out in the next couple of weeks. there are rumoured plans for releases by THE WHITE WIRES, THE CRYPTOMANIACS & THE SUICIDE WRISTS. the song "UH OH" by THE SUICIDE WRISTS rips likes no other. check it.

oh yeah, the flyer has finally surfaced for the JAY REATARD show. i keep listening to his records and i get more and more excited for this show.

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