Wednesday, April 30, 2008

may day

may 1st not only marks EXILE INFO SHOP's one year anniversary but they're actually moving to a bigger space down the hall from their old location. they have a lot of things to offer such as 4 computers with free internet access, a lending library of books and dvd's as well as books and zines and whatnot for sale. it's a volunteer-run space so if you're interested in volunteering or simply just checking the place out, this party could be a good excuse to finally check it out. they're located at 256 BANK street at COOPER. they're taking over the spot that used to be A&H records. they're open from 12 pm to 8 pm wednesday to sunday. FB

go check that out then head on down to the BYTOWN TAVERN for ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY. i will play SHAVED WOMEN or DO THEY OWE US A LIVING if enough people ask for it.

LORDS are playing END HITS on FRIDAY. they rip super hard and basically bridge the gap between the speed and intensity of the FIRST FOUR YEARS and the riffs and attitude of the MY WAR and beyond years. come to think of it, they probably like ROLLINS BAND more than BLACK FLAG. they're playing with CLOAK/DAGGER who are clearly fans of BLACK FLAG/SWIZ and HOT SNAKES/DRIVE LIKE JEHU since every song sounds like a mix of those bands. it's just the two bands so it's going to be short and sweet. bring your skateboard. it's gonna be a THRASH ZONE. 8 pm. $8. AA. FB

EXCLAIM! magazine reviewed the HOLY COBRAS cassette.

Holy Cobras
Keep Your Hands Off My Stuff

By Sam Sutherland

The second release from cassette-only label Telephone Explosion, Keep Your Hands Off My Stuff sounds pretty perfect coming from tiny, shitty spools of analog tape. Hailing from our nation’s capitol and playing fuzz-drenched garage punk that makes models like Julian Casablancas quake in their Cons, Holy Cobras kind of sound like White Light/White Heat-era Velvet Underground playing twice as fast and without any of John Cale’s avant-garde deviations. Songs like “Stormy Weather” offer some blues flavour before kicking back into pure rock’n’roll territory, while “Sun Inside” is pretty much the Stooges with a keyboard, which is awesome. (Telephone Explosion)

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