Sunday, April 6, 2008

geriatric head

last night was DEMON'S CLAWS, TEENANGER & THE SUPPOSITORIES at everyone's favorite house A & A SPEEDSHOP. THE SUPPOSITORIES played first and i enjoyed their set much more than i did when i saw them at zaphod's a couple months ago. they've only played a handful of shows and i'm sure this band will only get better and better as they continue.

TEENANGER played next. i missed the first couple of songs but caught the rest of their set. i enjoyed the faster songs a lot and the bass player rips pretty hard. their set was nice and short and left people wanting more.

DEMON'S CLAWS from montreal were next. there's not really much for me to say. they were amazing. they were super tight and sounded great and it was a really fun show.

more pictures here

it was then decided that it would be a good idea to go see TEENAGE HEAD. word on the street was that MARKY RAMONE was playing drums! they finally clambered up onto the stage and it took about 12 seconds to realize that 12 dollars had been squandered. what a waste. i really have no idea why i went. there was basically no chance in hell that it would have been great. oh well.

frankie looking not so venomous.



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st├ęphane said...

seing and hearing demons claws in a basement was great! good sound