Tuesday, April 8, 2008

food for thought

were these pictures taken in nazi germany? no.
were they taken in the southern united states? no.
these pictures were taken in our very own city right on the lovely bank street promenade at the corner of bank and lisgar. do we have to start organzing A.R.A. meetings?

in other news, i finally got a copy of the HOLY COBRAS' "keep your hands off my stuff"tape which was put out by TELEPHONE EXPLOSION records. it has 6 songs of ripping garage punk and it sounds great. i think they are kind of put off by how clean the production is on the record but i think it sounds amazing. they write really great songs and they really come through on this cassette. the guitar lines rip, the vocals are great, the drumming keeps the energy up and the bass holds it all down. ian does guest keyboard on the hyper-active "sun inside" and it sounds amazing. that song rips really hard with it's wild man yells all over the place. listening to this tape is getting me even more excited for their show with JAY REATARD and CPC GANGBANGS at babylon on the 16th. it's going to rule so hard. "but i don't have a tape deck? who the hell even listens to cassettes anymore?" luckily for you purveyors of digital sound, every tape comes with a code for you to download a digital version from the T.E. website. you can buy the tape, let it sit on your shelf while you rock out to your mp3's. you should definitely pick up your copy a.s.a.p.


Out In The Street said...

horrible image on that sign ...

is it racist if its commited by vietnamese people themselves?

thats what we were asking ourselves after that place opened.

Anonymous said...

ya, that sign is TOTALLY weird.
also, the food fucking sucks there - didn't think it was possible to have shitty noodles. but it is.
and the servings are smaller and it costs more than at other pho places.

so excited for jay reatard/cpc/cobras show!


... said...

i think that picture is what the real definition of "reverse racism" should be.