Wednesday, April 9, 2008

at the movies

INVISIBLE CINEMA is the only video store that i ever go to. it's got an amazing selection of titles that you'll never find anywhere else in the city. the first movie i ever rented there was THE DECLINE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION since i never could find it anywhere back in my home town and i fell in love with the place ever since. i'm pleased to announce that a good friend of mine has now taken over as owner of this fine establishment. you may know NICK SHAW as one of the guitarists in COURSE OF ACTION or EXPERIMENT IN TERROR or as the singer in BURIED INSIDE but you should get to know him as the guy you rent movies from.

invisible has a bunch of punk rock movies likes these ones...

and thousands of cult movies, arthouse films, documentaries, hollywood, independent, foreign, erotic films...everything you're looking for. if they don't have a movie, they'll possibly order it for you.

so go check out INVISIBLE CINEMA if you haven't already. it's located at 319 lisgar at bank. (613) 237-0769.

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Anonymous said...

i will miss chatting with wyatt (like everyone else i'm sure) but it is totally mondo cool that nick is the new owner! invisible cinema forever!