Sunday, March 16, 2008

punk covers show II

this show was absolutely amazing. i was way more into the second of the two covers shows mostly because of the fact that was much more familiar with the bands that were being covered.

the first band up was RAMONES as done by members of IT'S ASSHOLE TIME!. they were a last minute addition and only played a few songs. i was kind of bummed out that they didn't play more. it really wouldn't have been too hard to learn basically every song of the first lp.

the SHITLICKERS/ANTI-CIMEX band from last week played again this week.

JOHNNY THUNDERS and the HEARTBREAKERS as done by NAPALM HEARTS was next and they did a really good job.

i was transported back to being a fifteen year old kid by CRITICAL CONVICTIONS/FLEEBA's rendition of DESCENDENTS. they played an amazing set including CLEAN SHEETS, SILLY GIRL and COOLIDGE. i sang along to every single word and stole the mike to sing "i'm not a loser" because i just had too. i'm really not a loser. seriously. the guitar player/singer was playing all the leads and singing at the same time and i was really impressed.

THE BOYS played next. the band was comprised of members of SICK FITS and MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS. they were really great and kids were super into it.

here's a video of them playing FIRST TIME.

the night was ended off perfectly by BLACK FLAG. THE DIRTY NUNS did their homework on this one which was obvious since they played more than a dozen songs. kids were obviously flipping out during their set.

check out more pictures here.

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