Thursday, March 13, 2008

more history...

continuing with the theme of ottawa punk history here's a link to NO CAUSE FOR CONCERN? which was a zine that churned out 9 issues from april 1982 to june 1984. almost all of the content of every issue has been transcribed for your reading pleasure. i wish all of it had been transcribed or that the scans of the pages were bigger because i personally would enjoy reading all of it.

it's interesting to read through it and realize that in some ways punk rock hasn't changed too much. people try really hard to get stuff going and eventually get burnt out and can't do it anymore... venues get vandalized and subsequently don't do shows anymore...bands have to desperately search for a new place to play.... petty scene politics get in the way of things....

it takes a while to get through it all but it's definitely an interesting read.

if you don't really feel like reading and you'd rather look at pictures. you can check these out. it's a bunch of pictures of ottawa punk kids hanging out, going to shows, playing in bands, going on road trips from '81 to '83.

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