Sunday, March 9, 2008

messenger always brings bad news

friday night was the first of the two punk covers show at the bayou.

THE WHITE WIRES started the show with their set of WIPERS covers. i'm pretty sure most people there weren't familiar with the wipers but they did an amazing job nevertheless and people seemed to enjoy it.

here's a video of them playing MESSENGER.

ADVERTS as done by SEDATIVES was next. we only played four songs but it was a lot of fun.

S.O.A. had to cancel due to someone breaking their knee earlier the week which was unfortunate. the night had been pretty tame up until that point but once THE SHITLICKERS got on things really exploded. i'm not sure what members of what bands were playing and i had never heard of THE SHITLICKERS before but the kids there clearly had since they were flipping out something fierce. i had noticed that there was a bit of a line-up change at one point but i didn't realize that they were doing a different band. i've been informed that they played 4 SHITLICKERS songs and then changed the line-up a bit and did 5 ANTI-CIMEX songs.

DISCHARGE as done by members of GERM ATTAK, TRIOXIN 245 and BASTARDATOR was next and the insanity continued. they sounded amazing and were really entertaining to watch.

i left early like a total poser so i missed G.B.H. but i'm sure it was great.

check out more pictures here.

don't forget that this friday is part two of the covers shows. it's at THE BAYOU. it's FOUR DOLLARS and it's ALL AGES. it'll be great. BLACK FLAG, DESCENDENTS, THE BOYS, AMEBIX and JOHNNY THUNDERS AND THE HEARTBREAKERS.

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