Friday, March 7, 2008

i wanna go down to the basement!

last night was thursday night which of course means ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY!!! this thursday was especially special since it was the first time we had bands play since we've moved to the BYTOWN TAVERN about a month ago. people showed up early to check out the bands which is encouraging.

those that were able to get there early enough got to witness SAVAGE CRIMES make their debut. they ripped through a handful of songs including a TAMRONS cover and a SWEET JANES cover. is it still a cover if they used to be in the band? i'm not sure about that but i'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of these boys in the future.

THE VISITORS came on next. it was the cd release show for their self-released "lost on the globe" cd. i had been looking forward to seeing them for a while now and they did not disappoint. they played almost every song from their record except for a few including "cruisin'" which i would have liked to hear because that song is awesome. it didn't really matter in the end because every song they played is awesome so i did not walk away disappointed.

they ended their set with two RAMONES covers "i don't wanna go down to the basement" and "rockaway beach" and their theme song "V-I-S-I-T-O-R-S GO!"

they were gracious enough to hook me up with a copy of the cd which means i can listen to all of their songs whenever i want. all 11 songs are ripping upbeat pop punk tunes and every song takes you on a trip somewhere in the world. in 27 minutes you get to go to vietnam, mexico, australia, spain, sweden and even the north pole! you have to be careful because you can easily get lost. i would definitely recommend picking up a copy of their record if you love upbeat catchy punk in the vein of THE QUEERS/SCREECHING WEASEL/every RAMONES-influenced band. i'm not sure if they've dropped off copies at any record stores or anything so your best bet is probably contacting them through the wonder that is the internet and you can work something out.

here's a video of them playing NORTH POLE.

i will hopefully be posting higher quality videos that i took of SAVAGE CRIMES and THE VISITORS in the coming week if everything works out. this will have to do for now. more pictures here.

the rest of the night was a blast. B-RAD made his triumphant return behind the decks. people ate pizza, hung out and had an awesome time! if you're a true ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY-er you can bring in a blank t-shirt and we can make you your very own stylish shirt. be careful because pizza sauce really shows up on a white shirt. (see picture below)

don't forget that tonight is the first of two punk rock cover shows going on at the bayou. tonight is your chance to see WIPERS, S.O.A., DISCHARGE, ADVERTS and GBH. it's only 4 dollars and it's all ages. next friday you can see THE BOYS, BLACK FLAG, DESCENDENTS, JOHNNY THUNDERS and NEGATIVE APPROACH.

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