Saturday, March 22, 2008

havoc wreakers

(photo by evan)

ROCK AND ROLL PIZZA PARTY on thursday night was the craziest RRPP yet. most people didn't have to work on friday so the place was packed with people. it was a perfect setting for THE HAVOCS who are a 3 piece from sudbury which features the brothers HOULE of the monumental power pop band STATUES. they played for almost an hour playing a lot of covers and throwing in a few originals in there which stand up well to the all the covers they do. a short list of bands that they covered: THE WHO, THE CLASH, UNDERTONES, BUZZCOCKS, THE ANIMALS, THE JAM, THE REPLACEMENTS, etc. etc. after their set a pitcher was passed around to pay the boys for having come all the way down to play a free show. people gave generously which was greatly appreciated. the rest of the night was absolutely bananas with the dance floor being packed for most of the night which made it really fun. anyone who had an amazing time should definitely come out early this thursday to see SICK FITS and SEDATIVES and hang out afterwards for music and pizza.

SEDATIVES are also playing on friday april 4th at CAFE DEKCUF with THE CREEPS and their good friends from montreal SEXHEAD. it is THE CREEPS "lakeside cabin" cd release show. 10 pm/19+/5 dollars. FB

since that show doesn't start till 10 that gives you ample time to go to LA PETITE MORT gallery to see HAYDEN MENZIES' art show opening. HAYDEN has played in many ottawa bands such as THREE PENNY OPERA, THE GREY, LAST COMMUNION and his current band METZ. it starts at 7 pm and goes till 10 pm. if you can't make it on friday, his work will be up for the entire month of april. FB

if you feel like going deaf and aren't claustrophobic, CURSED are playing at END HITS as well. they added a second show since the first one sold out so get your tickets quick for the later show or else you'll be out of luck. guaranteed insanity.

the next night a.k.a. april 5th - you can catch DEMON'S CLAWS, TEENANGER and THE SUPPOSITORIES at A & A SPEED SHOP (279 flora). it is one of my favorite places to see bands in this city. most shows there are absolutely amazing and this will surely be no exception. doors at 8/all ages/5 dollars. FB

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