Sunday, February 17, 2008

search and annoy.

i saw THE SUPPOSITORIES for the first time last week. they play SHITTY punk rock and i mean that in the best way possible. stripped-down, minimalist and repetitive music and simple lyrics that are snarled rather than sung. the slower songs sound like FLIPPER and ian kept saying the faster ones reminded him of the early KILLED BY DEATH bands. they also bring to mind THE JESUS LIZARD but not so much in the sound of their music but more so their approach to music. their songs have a fuck you we're going to play whatever the fuck we want and you can fuck off if you don't like it feel to them. plus their singer kind of looks like DAVID YOW.

the only downfall for me was that they didn't sound ugly and angry enough for me. a lot of it probably had to do with the atmosphere of the venue and the whole feel of the show in general. i just wish the guitar was louder and nastier sounding with plenty of feedback. i would love to see them in a tiny basement show because that's the kind of place that they should be playing. they've only played a handful of shows and i'm sure they'll only get better as time goes on. they have a couple of songs up on their myspace but they really don't do the band justice. hopefully they'll be recording and putting a record out soon.

every thursday night is the ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY which is now at its new home, the BYTOWN TAVERN at 292 elgin st. we had our first night there last thursday and it was a great time. the combination of free entry/free pizza/free pool/cheap drinks/great music/great people should be a guaranteed good time every week so come out and have some fun. on february 28th we will have guest dj's KEN and DAISY of HOT LOVE fame spinning some tracks so you won't want to miss that.

on march 6th, we will have THE VISITORS cd release show with openers SAVAGE CRIMES who will be playing their first show ever. SAVAGE CRIMES is a three piece with two of the members being former members of THE SWEET JANES. should be an amazing time so do yourself a favor and come out early to check these bands out and to pick up a copy of THE VISITORS "lost on the globe" cd.

a few weeks later MARVELOUS DARLINGS from toronto will be rocking the END HITS basement with SICK FITS and SEDATIVES. MARVELOUS DARLINGS may feature members of NO WARNING but don't be misled. they've shed their breakdowns and mosh parts and replaced them with hooks and melodies. the change may leave NW fans disappointed while others will be delighted. i'm pretty sure this is the SICK FITS first show in a long time and god knows they probably haven't played an all ages show in ages so all you kids should be coming out and checking them out. conveniently, this show is on a thursday so head on down to RRPP afterwards and finish the night off right. tickets are available at END HITS now and i'm pretty sure they have copies of the first MARVELOUS DARLINGS single that you can pick up while you're at it.

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