Friday, February 1, 2008

last night.

the last ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY was definitely a success. kids came out in droves to check out the bands and hang out and eat pizza and dance. hopefully the good times will continue once the night moves to the bytown tavern on elgin. you may have never been there before, it may be in the basement of a jock bar, there may be cougars prowling the streets outside but these are not valid excuses for not going. those are actually the reasons you should be going. you finally get a change of scenery, you get to see how weird normal people are and you may get hit on by people twice your age while you're walking there. the facts: it's a nice intimate basement bar which hosted the likes of BLACK FLAG, RICHARD HELL & THE VOIDOIDS, MISSION OF BURMA, THE FALL, THE VIOLENT FEMMES and countless others in the early 80's when it was called THE ROXY and the drinks are cheap and there's no cover and free pizza and there's the best music you'll hear in the city. tons of bands will be playing there in the coming months so stay tuned.

THE WHITE WIRES played an amazing set. i remember having liked them at their first show but i forgot how good they were. my memory was quickly jogged once they started playing. they are very minimal and perfectly simple. there's something about their combination of sloppy and poppy that just does it for me. i may be coining a new term right now but from here on in i will refer to them as a slop-pop band. they have great hooks and great vocal lines that you can't help but get into. i can't wait to get a copy of a recording.

GUNSMOKE sounded as great as usual. it was awesome seeing them play on the floor at babylon which was a great contrast to the giant stage at barrymore's they played on the last time i saw them. stage or not, these kids can pull it off which is great to see. this is the real deal, cool cats. they are playing this saturday at the RAINBOW BISTRO with THE REVERB SYNDICATE. it's a fundraiser for the OTTAWA ROLLER DERBY LEAGUE.

here are some pictures of the white wires that i took.

it was also the release party for the third issue of STANDARD ISSUE zine so you should pick up a copy if you didn't pick one up last night. you should be able to track one down pretty easily. they'll be available at all the usual haunts. this one definitely looks a little slicker than the other ones but it's still filled with the same dick and shit jokes that you'd expect from the geniuses over there. it includes quite probably the last MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS interview you'll ever read and record reviews/news/etc.

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Critical Convictions said...

Rock and Roll Pizza Party was a lot of fun last night! Very excited to go again when it's at the Bytowne!