Sunday, February 24, 2008

house shows rule/house show rules.

the basement was already packed when THE WHITE WIRES opened the show. i didn't get to see them since i was taking care of the door but the sounds coming up through the floorboards were good.

(this photo by morgan cook)

i also had to miss most of HOLY COBRAS' set but what i did catch was great. it was their first show with JOHNNY O on drums and he did a stellar job.

here's a video of them playing SUNNY SIDE.

a lot of people left because they were there to see the locals. on one hand it's great that people are taking an interest in local bands and coming out to shows to support them but on the other hand it's unfortunate that they didn't stick around to see SONIC AVENUES because they were great. in the end there was still a good amount of people and it was nice to have a little more space in the basement. most people there, myself included, weren't too familiar with SONIC AVENUES so it took some people a little time to warm up to their sound. the set seemed to really pick up when they covered POLICE ON MY BACK which got the crowd going. they followed with some of the songs that they have posted online which are the only ones i was familiar with. so it was great to hear some songs i knew. CLOSE TO YOU is an incredibly catchy song and i was really happy when they played it.

basement shows are often the funnest shows to go to and this one was no exception. the turn out was amazing! people were having fun and dancing and having an all around great time. thanks to all the people who came out. thanks to all the bands for playing. thanks to everyone who helped out in one way or another to make this show happen. thanks to everyone who lives at A & A speed shop for allowing their house to be invaded by strangers.

ottawa is very fortunate to have people who allow shows to go on. there are many cities that don't have the luxury of house shows so we have to all do our part in making sure that the houses that do are treated with respect. not to preach but most of it comes down to common sense. don't trash the place. the people who live there are allowing you to come into their home to see bands. it's not an open invitation for you to make a mess and damage their property. don't hang out drinking out front and yelling in the street. all this does is piss the neighbors which in turn gets the police involved which means the show will get shut down and no more shows will be happening there anymore. the people who live there can easily do without the hassle of having almost a hundred people cramming into their house and making a mess and pissing off their neighbors so do everything you can to make it easy on them.

there weren't many problems at this show. the cops drove up to see what was going on since there was a bunch of people hanging outside after THE WHITE WIRES played but that's about it. most people actually listened when they were asked not to drink outside and to come inside if they weren't smoking instead of drawing more police attention which was nice. we don't need people ruining a good thing by not following a few simple common sense rules. i would be extremely disappointed if the A & A SPEED SHOP stopped doing shows because of the action of a couple people. some of the funnest shows i've seen in this city were in basements so let's keep them happening!!!

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