Sunday, February 24, 2008

house shows rule/house show rules.

the basement was already packed when THE WHITE WIRES opened the show. i didn't get to see them since i was taking care of the door but the sounds coming up through the floorboards were good.

(this photo by morgan cook)

i also had to miss most of HOLY COBRAS' set but what i did catch was great. it was their first show with JOHNNY O on drums and he did a stellar job.

here's a video of them playing SUNNY SIDE.

a lot of people left because they were there to see the locals. on one hand it's great that people are taking an interest in local bands and coming out to shows to support them but on the other hand it's unfortunate that they didn't stick around to see SONIC AVENUES because they were great. in the end there was still a good amount of people and it was nice to have a little more space in the basement. most people there, myself included, weren't too familiar with SONIC AVENUES so it took some people a little time to warm up to their sound. the set seemed to really pick up when they covered POLICE ON MY BACK which got the crowd going. they followed with some of the songs that they have posted online which are the only ones i was familiar with. so it was great to hear some songs i knew. CLOSE TO YOU is an incredibly catchy song and i was really happy when they played it.

basement shows are often the funnest shows to go to and this one was no exception. the turn out was amazing! people were having fun and dancing and having an all around great time. thanks to all the people who came out. thanks to all the bands for playing. thanks to everyone who helped out in one way or another to make this show happen. thanks to everyone who lives at A & A speed shop for allowing their house to be invaded by strangers.

ottawa is very fortunate to have people who allow shows to go on. there are many cities that don't have the luxury of house shows so we have to all do our part in making sure that the houses that do are treated with respect. not to preach but most of it comes down to common sense. don't trash the place. the people who live there are allowing you to come into their home to see bands. it's not an open invitation for you to make a mess and damage their property. don't hang out drinking out front and yelling in the street. all this does is piss the neighbors which in turn gets the police involved which means the show will get shut down and no more shows will be happening there anymore. the people who live there can easily do without the hassle of having almost a hundred people cramming into their house and making a mess and pissing off their neighbors so do everything you can to make it easy on them.

there weren't many problems at this show. the cops drove up to see what was going on since there was a bunch of people hanging outside after THE WHITE WIRES played but that's about it. most people actually listened when they were asked not to drink outside and to come inside if they weren't smoking instead of drawing more police attention which was nice. we don't need people ruining a good thing by not following a few simple common sense rules. i would be extremely disappointed if the A & A SPEED SHOP stopped doing shows because of the action of a couple people. some of the funnest shows i've seen in this city were in basements so let's keep them happening!!!

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

history lesson pt. 2

on march 7th and 14th, you can enter a time warp and see bands from 1977-1984. both shows feature line-ups that would have never happened back then. i highly doubt that punks back then got to see JOHNNY THUNDERS and NEGATIVE APPROACH or ADVERTS and DISCHARGE on the same bill. so here's your chance to witness not only history re-enacted but also history in the making.

the line-ups are:



(members of GERM ATTAK, TRIOXIN 245, BASTARDATOR, etc.)










(members of BOMBED OUT, GERM ATTACK, etc.)

both shows are taking places at THE BAYOU which is located at 1077 BANK street. the doors are at 7 pm and i'm pretty sure it costs 4 dollars which is a pretty sweet deal. ALL AGES!


SAVAGE CRIMES have just posted two songs online for your listening pleasure. one original - "soul food" and one cover - "wild man" by THE TAMRONS. they play their first show at RRPP on march 6th. don't dare miss it.

don't forget that SONIC AVENUES are playing this saturday at A&A speed shop with HOLY COBRAS and THE WHITE WIRES.
5 bucks/doors at 8.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

search and annoy.

i saw THE SUPPOSITORIES for the first time last week. they play SHITTY punk rock and i mean that in the best way possible. stripped-down, minimalist and repetitive music and simple lyrics that are snarled rather than sung. the slower songs sound like FLIPPER and ian kept saying the faster ones reminded him of the early KILLED BY DEATH bands. they also bring to mind THE JESUS LIZARD but not so much in the sound of their music but more so their approach to music. their songs have a fuck you we're going to play whatever the fuck we want and you can fuck off if you don't like it feel to them. plus their singer kind of looks like DAVID YOW.

the only downfall for me was that they didn't sound ugly and angry enough for me. a lot of it probably had to do with the atmosphere of the venue and the whole feel of the show in general. i just wish the guitar was louder and nastier sounding with plenty of feedback. i would love to see them in a tiny basement show because that's the kind of place that they should be playing. they've only played a handful of shows and i'm sure they'll only get better as time goes on. they have a couple of songs up on their myspace but they really don't do the band justice. hopefully they'll be recording and putting a record out soon.

every thursday night is the ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY which is now at its new home, the BYTOWN TAVERN at 292 elgin st. we had our first night there last thursday and it was a great time. the combination of free entry/free pizza/free pool/cheap drinks/great music/great people should be a guaranteed good time every week so come out and have some fun. on february 28th we will have guest dj's KEN and DAISY of HOT LOVE fame spinning some tracks so you won't want to miss that.

on march 6th, we will have THE VISITORS cd release show with openers SAVAGE CRIMES who will be playing their first show ever. SAVAGE CRIMES is a three piece with two of the members being former members of THE SWEET JANES. should be an amazing time so do yourself a favor and come out early to check these bands out and to pick up a copy of THE VISITORS "lost on the globe" cd.

a few weeks later MARVELOUS DARLINGS from toronto will be rocking the END HITS basement with SICK FITS and SEDATIVES. MARVELOUS DARLINGS may feature members of NO WARNING but don't be misled. they've shed their breakdowns and mosh parts and replaced them with hooks and melodies. the change may leave NW fans disappointed while others will be delighted. i'm pretty sure this is the SICK FITS first show in a long time and god knows they probably haven't played an all ages show in ages so all you kids should be coming out and checking them out. conveniently, this show is on a thursday so head on down to RRPP afterwards and finish the night off right. tickets are available at END HITS now and i'm pretty sure they have copies of the first MARVELOUS DARLINGS single that you can pick up while you're at it.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

feb 23rd sonic avenues at A&A speed shop

SONIC AVENUES are coming to ottawa on saturday february 23rd! they are an awesome garage/power pop band from montreal that write some insanely catchy tunes.

they're playing with local garage punk greats HOLY COBRAS and slop-pop superstars THE WHITE WIRES. this is the white wires' first all ages show so all the young kids can finally witness them live!

the show is at A&A speed shop - 279 flora st near percy st. it's a house show so don't wreck the place and try no to piss off the neighbors.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

le champion du monde.

PAUL GALIPEAU is a busy man. if you've been to a few shows in ottawa you have seen him up front taking pictures of the bands. whether it's in a stadium or in a basement his pictures of live shows really capture the energy and the action very well. his photography is not limited solely to music and no matter what he's shooting he captures some amazing images. in the last year he has traveled all over the world, including the HIGH ARCTIC and ISRAEL. he spent the last few months in DENMARK honing his craft but he's back in ottawa for now until jets off onto his next adventure.

(modern life is war, ottawa)

I assume that you started out by taking pictures of punk rock bands. Did it start off as an artistic thing or more out of a need to document something you were a part of?

Taking photos at shows was something I started early on when I was only starting to learn darkroom stuff but before that, I had become pretty active in videotaping bands both from Ottawa and from out of town. Sometimes I tried to do both but this usually proved to result in total disasters. But yeah, whether I was using a still or video camera, it has always been about creating a document of something that meant, and still means, the world to me. Still though, the document is only half of it. The other half, I don't know, I hope it comes out in the photos when people look at them.

(stage dives at DR. PEPPER ADDICTS show, tel aviv)

Has the motivation behind your photography changed over time? Does it depend on what the subject of the photo is?

Well, in terms of music stuff, in some ways it has gotten more ambitious but also, over time in terms of music stuff, if you look at my photos chronologically, you’ll see that I’ve turned the camera away from the stage more and more. Ultimately though, for me, it is about creatively capturing moments. It could be anything...bands playing, people hanging out or the Queen of Denmark. Mistakes are made but the point is that nothing can be arbitrary. I have to go in with a plan. It isn’t enough to randomly snap photos, I have to operate within the spontaneity of life and make sure that part of myself goes into everything I do.

(i refuse, ottawa)

Punk rock bands often try to emphasize that there is no difference between them and their audience. Do you think the act of taking pictures of bands playing can be seen as reinforcing the division between audience and performer?

I know some bands feel strongly against being photographed for whatever reason but the reason they need to make this point at all is because it’s something they struggle with. Without wanting to discredit punk rock, if I was in a band and my mission was to be in a band that put itself at the same level as my audience, I probably would quit music altogether. Musicians create music because they are driven to create and punk rock is an amazingly democratic venue for this sort of creation where, ideally, everyone is welcome and given the support that’s necessary but lets be honest, you perform live or release a record because you hope others will want to listen. Otherwise, you'd get Henry Darger about it and keep your gift to yourself.

I think that now more than ever, to be a musician or a photographer or whatever isn't enough. All in all, you need to be a creative person. You also need to recognize the benefit of surrounding yourself by other creative people. I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you think photography disconnects you from the audience, you're sort of an idiot. All it does is give you another medium to bring you closer.

(white sands, new mexico)

You’re usually right up front getting really close to the band while taking pictures at shows. Do you feel self-conscious about being in front of a bunch of people? Do you ever wonder if you're bumming people out by blocking their view or blinding them with your flash? Has anyone in a band or an audience member given you shit about taking pictures?

It depends on the show. I never mean to but it has happened that I've gotten in the way of some good mosh times or that the sound of my shutter was actually louder than the music being played. I usually try to gauge the situation in the first few songs and decide if I should stay or bail. Above all though, I'm there for the same reason anyone else is: to listen and watch to a band I'm really into. If it's any consolation, getting too close has cost me hundreds of dollars in repairs.

(tel aviv beach looking towards yafo)

Did you openly embrace the use of digital cameras immediately or did you originally have some reticence because it wasn't "keeping it real" or anything of that sort?

There was a time when digital SLRs just weren't accessible to people like me and even if there was a potential for savings in the long run, I hadn't been able to justify the expense of a digital camera body until someone stole my old 35mm. Only then, and six months later did it make sense to head in that direction. Years ago, I read a comment about how amateurs cared about film and pros cared about light. At this point, the film vs. digital debate is pretty dead. If you understand light and can work with it, you can capture this with the digital point and shoot you got for Christmas just as well as you can with the large format camera that you'll never be able to actually afford. I think the only difference at this point is the aesthetic quality that comes from it but that's part of a greater artistic discussion - the same one that asks: camera phone or $8000 digital SLR? These are two digital cameras that produce two different aesthetics. The important thing is that film or digital, photography is still photography. “Keeping it real” through film is equivalent to holding on to romantic aspects of mid-90s hardcore. It's nice but it doesn't mean that what you make now is less honest or true.

(man at western wall in old jerusalem)

With the rise of the digital camera, it seems like someone is always taking pictures when they're at a show, bar or party. Does this make it harder for you to distinguish yourself as a "photographer"?

When I see people with any kind of camera taking it seriously, I get stoked. I made a lot of mistakes when I first got into it (I still make tonnes) but I was lucky enough to be surrounded by some awesome people involved in music in Ottawa who were shooting photos and we all looked out for each other. It's amazing to me that a lot of people just getting into photography have never and will never will touch film. Even if I almost exclusively shoot digital now, dealing with the economy of film still influences my process in shooting. Just because I can capture over 500 images on one card doesn’t mean I’m going to shoot endlessly until I get something. There’s still a lot of waiting involved. With newer, digital photographers though, I sense a different visual aesthetic and a lot of it gets me jealous. In terms of distinguishing myself, I think that when you're in the moment, I do think it's important for photographers not to alienate those around them and hopefully I succeed at this most of the time. To be approachable is also important and, in the end, making sure that you show your work is very crucial as, if nothing else, it can prove that if you pissed someone off, it wasn't for nothing.

Paul wants you to know that his website is
He's looking for cool people to work with and if you want to pay him to take your photo, he'd probably be into it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

ottawa radio shows.

here's a list of radio shows worth checking out in the punk/rock sort of vein. this is by no means a definitive list since there are many different shows of many different styles that air on both of these stations. do yourself a favor and poke around and see if you can find something. let me know if i've made some glaring omissions. i'm not sure what's replacing PUNK WORLD ORDER but if it's another punk show, tuesdays are clearly a stacked day for punk rock radio.

CHUO 89.1 FM

host: emmanuel
tuesday 12 pm - 1 pm
punk rock

host: luke nuclear
tuesday 1 pm - 2 pm

host: emily
tuesday 2 pm - 3 pm

tuesday 4 pm - 5 pm
punk rock

tuesday 8 pm - 9pm
hosts: maxime and mathieu
mostly francophone punk rock/rock

host: stephane theman
tuesday 9 pm - 10 pm


host: graeme
tuesday 10 pm - 11 pm

host: al "carnage" carnival
tuesday night 12 am - 2 am

hosts: dave williams and steve martin
thursday 10 pm - 11 pm

CKCU 93.1 FM

host:dave faught
alternate sundays 11 pm - 2 am

hosts: dimitri and markus
mondays 11 pm - 12 pm

hosts: josh and damian
tuesday 3 pm to 5 pm
an interesting listen no matter what.

hosts: duncan and bear
tuesday 10 pm - 11 pm
black metal/death metal

host: dick altavista
wednesday 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm
garage rock/punk/etc.

host: john westhaver
friday 9:30 am to 1 pm
punk/psychedelia/stoner rock/etc.

host: bill guerrero
friday 7 pm - 8 pm

check out both of CHUO and CKCU's websites for their online guides and you'll be able to see all of their programming. both stations also stream their broadcasts online so you don't even need a radio!

Monday, February 4, 2008

the white wires/sedatives/confusers.

here's a video of THE WHITE WIRES playing their last song of the night at the last ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY at babylon.

recorded 6 songs in as many hours at our pal AL's home studio on saturday. we are very pleased about the outcome. we put a few of the songs online if you want to check them out. we'll be releasing a 7" as soon as possible.

also, it looks like THE CONFUSERS from montreal will be coming to ottawa at the end of february. some of the details still need to be ironed out and will be posted as soon as everything is confirmed.

they have a split 7" with cpc gangbangs out on radio 81/p.trash records.

do yourself a favor and listen to the four songs they have up and get excited for the show.

here's a couple videos of them playing in montreal...



Friday, February 1, 2008

end hits shows.

montreal's WHISKEY TRENCH is playing at END HITS on friday february 8th. if you're into melodic punk rock circa early 90's or bands on NO IDEA records you'll be into them. they've played here many times but i don't think a lot of people caught on yet. i saw them in october for the first time and they were great. i was super jealous of the singer's amazing DOUGHBOYS shirt and i just heard THE NILS cover they did on their myspace page so these guys are clearly the logical successors of montreal's melodic punk rock scene of the late 80's/early 90's. so check out their songs and if you're into it you should come out. it's 6 dollars and doors are at 8pm. they are playing with two locals, BROKEN ON SITE and SCARY HOURS.

other shows of note coming to END HITS include:

CAPTAIN FOXY & ENEMIES AND ALLIES on the 15th of february.

last night.

the last ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY was definitely a success. kids came out in droves to check out the bands and hang out and eat pizza and dance. hopefully the good times will continue once the night moves to the bytown tavern on elgin. you may have never been there before, it may be in the basement of a jock bar, there may be cougars prowling the streets outside but these are not valid excuses for not going. those are actually the reasons you should be going. you finally get a change of scenery, you get to see how weird normal people are and you may get hit on by people twice your age while you're walking there. the facts: it's a nice intimate basement bar which hosted the likes of BLACK FLAG, RICHARD HELL & THE VOIDOIDS, MISSION OF BURMA, THE FALL, THE VIOLENT FEMMES and countless others in the early 80's when it was called THE ROXY and the drinks are cheap and there's no cover and free pizza and there's the best music you'll hear in the city. tons of bands will be playing there in the coming months so stay tuned.

THE WHITE WIRES played an amazing set. i remember having liked them at their first show but i forgot how good they were. my memory was quickly jogged once they started playing. they are very minimal and perfectly simple. there's something about their combination of sloppy and poppy that just does it for me. i may be coining a new term right now but from here on in i will refer to them as a slop-pop band. they have great hooks and great vocal lines that you can't help but get into. i can't wait to get a copy of a recording.

GUNSMOKE sounded as great as usual. it was awesome seeing them play on the floor at babylon which was a great contrast to the giant stage at barrymore's they played on the last time i saw them. stage or not, these kids can pull it off which is great to see. this is the real deal, cool cats. they are playing this saturday at the RAINBOW BISTRO with THE REVERB SYNDICATE. it's a fundraiser for the OTTAWA ROLLER DERBY LEAGUE.

here are some pictures of the white wires that i took.

it was also the release party for the third issue of STANDARD ISSUE zine so you should pick up a copy if you didn't pick one up last night. you should be able to track one down pretty easily. they'll be available at all the usual haunts. this one definitely looks a little slicker than the other ones but it's still filled with the same dick and shit jokes that you'd expect from the geniuses over there. it includes quite probably the last MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS interview you'll ever read and record reviews/news/etc.