Monday, January 28, 2008

the white wires.

here's a video for THE WHITE WIRES song "your mama says you're ugly" which was filmed at cafe dekcuf on december 28th 2007, their first show. (video shot by Craig Proulx)

don't forget to check out their second show which is at babylon this thursday. it's a free show so there's really no excuse not to be there. sedatives and gunsmoke are also playing followed by the last ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY at babylon.

if you want to be a tiny bit more fashionable afterwards you'll pick up one of these*....

*the shirts they're selling aren't old and crusty like this one.

read the interview i did with IAN of THE WHITE WIRES.

this just in...

SEDATIVES performing "superstitious minds" at the same show as above. they are also playing their second show at the last RRPP.

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craig. said...

no credit for that shizz!? haha

SEDATIVES video on the way.
(as soon as i figure out how to brighten it up enough)