Thursday, January 24, 2008

the visitors

i stumbled across THE VISITORS myspace page a couple days ago and i was impressed. they have four songs up on there that are from their brand new record "lost on the globe". they're powerful and poppy and catchy with some great vocal harmonies. i just can't stop listening to these songs.

in their own words:

"The first ever album in The Universe made by The Visitors has now physically materialized itself into a combination of plastic, ink and paper and has settled on the planet commonly referred to as Earth.

The album is called "Lost On The Globe", is roughly 26 minutes in length, features 11 songs and a few different species of large felines - some of which are currently alive and some of which are currently extinct (but may have the capability of re-populating select Earth-areas in the future). A Soviet-style font is also featured. There are no songs about Russia or the former Soviet Union on this album.

We're not sure when the release show/date is going be due to the fact that one of us is physically disabled. This person may be myself. Do not be fooled into thinking that all party games are "fun". Sometimes a great tragedy occurs and you end up breaking part of your body. Hopefully I will be able to play my instrument soon so we can start playing some shows."

check those four songs out for now and keep an eye out for the record.

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