Friday, January 18, 2008

sedatives/capital rehearsal studios.

SEDATIVES just posted 4 tracks online along with this:

"So I've posted 4 of the 6 songs we recorded last weekend. Frankly, they sound exactly like what that one day rush job entailed: an average of one take per track, too many slices of greazy pizza, way too many stinky dudes on Luke & Leslie's couches, 48 cans of Labatt 50 and one unfortunate case of male frontal nudity.

Luckily Luke's handywork with his trusty 8 track (which I believe once recorded the Detrimentals!) made for the songs being somewhat listenable, but the performances themselves are a bit, how you say, atrocious. Raw, honest and perhaps a tiny bit charming, but atrocious nonetheless.

Regardless, until we decide to do this properly, here's what you get."

also, the website for the CAPITAL REHEARSAL STUDIOS on bank street is now up. check it out. adam hughes at mad anvil did an amazing job designing this thing. it's ridiculous.

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IamBlurb said...

sounds good suckas! don't be modest!