Friday, January 11, 2008

holy cobras/might eagle band + the cryptomaniacs

the show last night was great. unfortunately, HOLY COBRAS' drummer was m.i.a. so ian of the white wires/sedatives had to fill in. he used to play drums in calgary's THE CRYPTOMANIACS and sounded pretty great for a guy who hasn't played in months and who had never played with the band. check out the cryptomaniacs and if you like what you hear, ian's got a bunch of their 7" sitting around so i'm sure he could hook you up with a copy. incidentally, RAZORCAKE zine just recently did a review of the record. despite having a fill-in drummer, the cobra boys still played a really fun set that got some toes tappin' and some asses shakin'. the MIGHTY EAGLE BAND took the floor next and played their brand of loud drunken rock and destroyed. there was a great crowd out and it made for a really great night. the countdown towards the last ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY at BABYLON continues.

Garbage: 7”
A from-beyond-the-grave, four-song 7” from the Cryptomaniacs, who called it quits four days after this record arrived from the pressing plant. Three of the songs, “Good Enough for Garbage,” “Eyeballs,” and “Heart of Trash,” have a county fair haunted house feel; enough organ, fuzz, echo and specter-like singing to give a bit of a startle, but nothing contained therein to truly scare the ever-living shit outta ya. “Ha Alright” is the equivalent of Sesame Street’s “one of these kids is doing his own thing,” a charging, industrial beat frozen over with cold, prickly guitars. Good, not great, stuff. May the Cryptomaniacs rest in peace in that great trash heap in the sky. –Josh Benke (self-released)

(review taken from the razorcake site. you should read razorcake.)

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