Sunday, January 13, 2008

bloodshot bill at elmdale tavern

(explanation for crapy picture: 1st and last taken before my camera died.)

this show was randomly at the elmdale tavern. i had never been there before. when we got there there was a hand-written signed on the door that said the show was sold out but we just walked in and no one stopped us. apparently a bunch of people had to sneak in through the back door earlier since the front door had been locked. there was quite a few people there but the place wasn't well set up for a show. a few people were standing up front watching and dancing around while a lot of other people where just sitting around at tables even though their vision was being completely blocked by the people standing up. a few people quickly learned the hard way that the sit-down people like being sit-down people so you better not mess with their chairs because they will get pissed and probably get their husbands to flex their old man strength on you.
the sound was pretty terrible and the atmosphere sucked so it was really hard to get into the music. bloodshot bill played three sets and what i did get to see from up close was awesome but it was such a hard show to get into - figuratively and literally. nevertheless, people seemed to be having a good time and it was a fun night all around. hopefully, he'll come back again at a different venue or maybe they'll set up the room differently.

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IamBlurb said...

fuck those tables!