Monday, January 28, 2008

the white wires.

here's a video for THE WHITE WIRES song "your mama says you're ugly" which was filmed at cafe dekcuf on december 28th 2007, their first show. (video shot by Craig Proulx)

don't forget to check out their second show which is at babylon this thursday. it's a free show so there's really no excuse not to be there. sedatives and gunsmoke are also playing followed by the last ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY at babylon.

if you want to be a tiny bit more fashionable afterwards you'll pick up one of these*....

*the shirts they're selling aren't old and crusty like this one.

read the interview i did with IAN of THE WHITE WIRES.

this just in...

SEDATIVES performing "superstitious minds" at the same show as above. they are also playing their second show at the last RRPP.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

the visitors

i stumbled across THE VISITORS myspace page a couple days ago and i was impressed. they have four songs up on there that are from their brand new record "lost on the globe". they're powerful and poppy and catchy with some great vocal harmonies. i just can't stop listening to these songs.

in their own words:

"The first ever album in The Universe made by The Visitors has now physically materialized itself into a combination of plastic, ink and paper and has settled on the planet commonly referred to as Earth.

The album is called "Lost On The Globe", is roughly 26 minutes in length, features 11 songs and a few different species of large felines - some of which are currently alive and some of which are currently extinct (but may have the capability of re-populating select Earth-areas in the future). A Soviet-style font is also featured. There are no songs about Russia or the former Soviet Union on this album.

We're not sure when the release show/date is going be due to the fact that one of us is physically disabled. This person may be myself. Do not be fooled into thinking that all party games are "fun". Sometimes a great tragedy occurs and you end up breaking part of your body. Hopefully I will be able to play my instrument soon so we can start playing some shows."

check those four songs out for now and keep an eye out for the record.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

ottawa zines.

the first issue of TEMPORARY LIVING zine is now up online. it's a zine based out of ottawa masterminded by dave williams with little to no assistance from myself.

it also includes writing by ryan young of minneapolis' OFF WITH THEIR HEADS and an introduction by damien moyal of mid to late 90's hardcore stalwarts MORNING AGAIN, CULTURE and AS FRIENDS RUST.

the 3rd issue of STANDARD ISSUE zine is going to be released at the LAST ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY AT BABYLON on january 31st so make sure to pick that up. scroll down a little to see the flyer for that.

another local zine which is currently working on it's first issue and will hopefully be out by march is HOW TO RUIN EVERYTHING. you can read their mission statement by clicking on the link.

Friday, January 18, 2008

sedatives/capital rehearsal studios.

SEDATIVES just posted 4 tracks online along with this:

"So I've posted 4 of the 6 songs we recorded last weekend. Frankly, they sound exactly like what that one day rush job entailed: an average of one take per track, too many slices of greazy pizza, way too many stinky dudes on Luke & Leslie's couches, 48 cans of Labatt 50 and one unfortunate case of male frontal nudity.

Luckily Luke's handywork with his trusty 8 track (which I believe once recorded the Detrimentals!) made for the songs being somewhat listenable, but the performances themselves are a bit, how you say, atrocious. Raw, honest and perhaps a tiny bit charming, but atrocious nonetheless.

Regardless, until we decide to do this properly, here's what you get."

also, the website for the CAPITAL REHEARSAL STUDIOS on bank street is now up. check it out. adam hughes at mad anvil did an amazing job designing this thing. it's ridiculous.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

bloodshot bill at elmdale tavern

(explanation for crapy picture: 1st and last taken before my camera died.)

this show was randomly at the elmdale tavern. i had never been there before. when we got there there was a hand-written signed on the door that said the show was sold out but we just walked in and no one stopped us. apparently a bunch of people had to sneak in through the back door earlier since the front door had been locked. there was quite a few people there but the place wasn't well set up for a show. a few people were standing up front watching and dancing around while a lot of other people where just sitting around at tables even though their vision was being completely blocked by the people standing up. a few people quickly learned the hard way that the sit-down people like being sit-down people so you better not mess with their chairs because they will get pissed and probably get their husbands to flex their old man strength on you.
the sound was pretty terrible and the atmosphere sucked so it was really hard to get into the music. bloodshot bill played three sets and what i did get to see from up close was awesome but it was such a hard show to get into - figuratively and literally. nevertheless, people seemed to be having a good time and it was a fun night all around. hopefully, he'll come back again at a different venue or maybe they'll set up the room differently.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

RRPP is making moves

last RRPP at babylon is january 31st

first RRPP at bytown tavern is february 14th

Friday, January 11, 2008

holy cobras/might eagle band + the cryptomaniacs

the show last night was great. unfortunately, HOLY COBRAS' drummer was m.i.a. so ian of the white wires/sedatives had to fill in. he used to play drums in calgary's THE CRYPTOMANIACS and sounded pretty great for a guy who hasn't played in months and who had never played with the band. check out the cryptomaniacs and if you like what you hear, ian's got a bunch of their 7" sitting around so i'm sure he could hook you up with a copy. incidentally, RAZORCAKE zine just recently did a review of the record. despite having a fill-in drummer, the cobra boys still played a really fun set that got some toes tappin' and some asses shakin'. the MIGHTY EAGLE BAND took the floor next and played their brand of loud drunken rock and destroyed. there was a great crowd out and it made for a really great night. the countdown towards the last ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY at BABYLON continues.

Garbage: 7”
A from-beyond-the-grave, four-song 7” from the Cryptomaniacs, who called it quits four days after this record arrived from the pressing plant. Three of the songs, “Good Enough for Garbage,” “Eyeballs,” and “Heart of Trash,” have a county fair haunted house feel; enough organ, fuzz, echo and specter-like singing to give a bit of a startle, but nothing contained therein to truly scare the ever-living shit outta ya. “Ha Alright” is the equivalent of Sesame Street’s “one of these kids is doing his own thing,” a charging, industrial beat frozen over with cold, prickly guitars. Good, not great, stuff. May the Cryptomaniacs rest in peace in that great trash heap in the sky. –Josh Benke (self-released)

(review taken from the razorcake site. you should read razorcake.)

Sunday, January 6, 2008






at babylon nightclub.

stick around afterwards for ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY

9 PM. free.

JANUARY 24th: The Sleepless Nights (halifax) and Psychic Hotline will be starting off the Pizza Party at 8PM.


RRPP will hopefully be resurfacing soon at a new venue. we will keep you posted.