Saturday, December 29, 2007

beware of this man.

ian's duties include:
guitar/vocals/herky-jerky stage moves for ottawa's premiere retardo-rock band.
they started off as chloroform kids then the insides and they've finally settled on THE WHITE WIRES. they are great.

how did the white wires get started? how you describe your music and why did you choose to play that style?

The WHITE WIRES started when I moved to Ottawa in July of 2007. I was hanging out with Luke and building shelves in the storage room in exchange for jam time. The more I hung out with Luke the more jam time he gave me. Ha! No, that's not how it happened. I'm just compounding sentence fragments. I moved back to Ottawa, and I wanted to start a band. I had a bunch of songs that I had written for a band the TOILETTES in Calgary. But once I decided to move back to Ottawa, I just didn't have the patience to struggle to get those songs all together for maybe one show, so the songs went into the bank. When I moved, I was hanging out at the jam space, and telling Luke how I wanted to start up the TOILETTES, and how I was looking for a bass player and a drummer. He got excited and volunteered to play bass, so we plugged in and it was easy, Luke is a perfect fit. It was important to me to find people that could play really simple and minimal stuff. Sometimes that seems like a chore, because everybody wants to be the coolest guitar hero. Anyways, Luke and I have a lot in common, have similar musical tastes, and share a lot of ideas about punk rock. He grasps my dumb ideas with ease, and comes up with ideas that keep me on my toes. On top of that, he knows everything about being in bands, especially since he is the singer of the MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS! He's recording our demo so listen up for that. Um, Luke RULES!

Yeah, so we made about four or five songs at our first jam. That week I was perousing the internet when I found a really wicked band in Ottawa...the FELINES I was totally caught by surprise. It seemed like everybody was playing rap metal and more interested in fashion of the week than anything cool. I love the primitive rock and roll. Those girls in the FELINES really caught my ears. I emailed them about when I could come see them play. Turns out, I know the drummer, and turns out their band is kaput for a while. That week at the ROCK AND ROLL PIZZA PARTY I asked Allie if she wanted to jam with Luke and I, she was so excited, I figured it was another good fit. Turns out, I was right. Allie is a perfect fit. I don't usually gendertype, but I've always liked girl drummers. Not in all cases, but most of the time it holds true. Girl drummers tend to carry a beat much better and free of stupid drum fills than egomaniac boys are capable of. Anyways, the first jam with Allie was easy. She picked up all of our songs, and gave them that beat skeleton that makes rock and roll music so addictive. Allie RULES!

In the following few months we've gone through a dozen or so songs. We picked our four favourite and finished them off. Three of the songs were written a couple of weeks before our first show. Another song was an old SUICIDE WRISTS song that never got recorded, and then we threw in a cover of the WIPERS "DOES IT HURT", because it's one of my favourite B-sides and such a good example of stripped down rock and roll. We went through WAY too many name changes, but finally settled on the WHITE WIRES. It was also an unrecorded SUICIDE WRISTS song, and I like it because we can say that we're plugging the ears of the ipod generation.

Next question, our music is, well, I think you'll get the jist of it in the last rambling paragraph. Safe to say rock and roll? We've got some throwbacks to 50's rock and roll, 60's garage, 70's punk, and maybe some 80's new wave, but that's way too confusing, and way too vague. I'd just as soon tell people it's a punk band.And why do we choose to play that style? Well, there isn't much of a choice involved. We play what we would want to hear if we went out to a show, so I'd say it's our narrow attempt at making good music.

you've been away from ottawa for 7 years. what has been the best and the worst aspects of moving back to this city?

basement shows
old friends
pickled turnips
pickled eggs
new beginnings
escape from suburban hell in Calgary
rock and roll pizza party

incomplete everything

a few months after you moved here you put the first issue of your zine GOING GAGA. do you have any plans on putting out any more issues?

Yeah, I do actually. Eventhough I'm pretty sure only a handfull of people ever read it. I made about 20 copies of the first issue, and they're all gone now. I intended it to be a sparsely issued zine, maybe two or three issues a year. I'll do another issue sometime soon. I've got a lot of stuff ready for the next one.

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